You may be looking for the page of Andrew, one of Arthur's sons.

See, when you combine Andrew and Lloyd, you get Androyd!

— Lloyd to Charlie

General Information
Gender: Male
Resides in: New York
Other Information
Hair Color: Blonde
Occupation(s): Singers
Family & Friends
Family: Arthur (father)
Charlie Prince (stepbrother)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by: Keenan Tracey
Burkely Duffield

Androyd is the partnership of Arthur's sons Andrew and Lloyd. As explained by Lloyd, when you "combine" Andrew and Lloyd, you get Androyd (Andrew and Lloyd).


They create a demo to send in to Majesty Records's talent search. They soon get a response back that lets them know that they had not made it to the finals of the contest, which meant they weren't going to the Majesty Records ball where the winners would be announced.

Arthur snags an invitation for them by taking the invite Charlie received from Kadee Worth. Arthur sees it as a second chance to get them discovered.

At the ball, when the audience is let known that the winners of the talent search, A-Train, wouldn't be able to make it to perform, Arthur urges his sons to get on stage and perform to let Reginald Worth see what he had been missing out on. THey perform Word Up, but unfortunately, the crowd boos them off the stage, so Arthur yells criticisms at them.


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